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Reglazing is the process by which porcelain, fiberglass, acrylics, and ceramic surfaces are refinished. With Reglazing, your worn-out bathtubs and tile can be restored to their original luster right in place- in just a few hours at a fraction of replacement cost!

Benefits of our Shower Star Reglazing Services

If you have an old, damaged, or chipped shower, there are many benefits of getting it refinished and repaired. With our shower star reglazing NJ services, you will get more than just a good appearance. When you hire us for your shower reglazing services, you can expect the following:

Cheaper than replacement

It is more expensive to do a complete overhaul of your shower than to repair it. If your shower looks grubby after cleaning or is significantly stained, has cracks or chips, then all is not lost. You can contact us at AB Bath Reglazing for a repair estimate! Our shower reglazing and refinishing services are a cheaper option than replacement. Our specialists believe in helping you save money and time by providing the best services.

Give other bathroom fixtures a new life

You do not have to live with stained, dull, or inefficient fixtures that ruin the appeal of your bathroom. Our technicians will reglaze your old vanity, counters, and sinks with a new, shiny finish. With repair and reglazing services from AB Bath Reglazing, you can rest assured that you will get the same effect as you would from new fixtures, but without the excessive cost. With our shower star reglazing services, we will leave you satisfied with an amazing finished result.

When you are ready to spruce up your shower and fix that troublesome bathroom problem, contact the experts at AB Bath Reglazing. A refinished bathroom fixture will last for many years provided it is properly maintained. The results of a typical shower star reglazing NJ services from AB Bath Reglazing can last for at least 10 to 15 years. Consult us today for all your bathtubs and shower reglazing services.

Tile  Reglazing

Tile Reglazing

Good tile is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why we focus on reglazing and refinishing tile rather than replacing them outright

Tile Regrouting

Tile Regrouting

Grouting substances tend to get moldy and have a bad appearance sometimes, our regrouting process will make your tiles have a sharp and clean look

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Painting

Renovating your kitchen cabinets is time-consuming and money. But hiring AB Bath Reglazing makes cabinet painting a breeze