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Tile Regrouting

Tile Regrouting

Grouting substances tend to get moldy and have a bad appearance sometimes, our regrouting process will make your tiles have a sharp and clean look, free of any infectious germs reproducing on the grout. Regrouting also decreases the chance of any of your tiles falling down. If that is the case, we can also grout any missing tiles back to the wall if they have fallen or broken. 

The regrouting process is simple and quick, our staff can remove the old grout and install brand-new grout in a bathroom within hours. As time passes, grout gets old and the waterproof of your shower can be put at risk, if not fixed with anticipation water damage can be done underneath the tiles leading to mold and/or the fall of the tiles which can be dangerous, our processes can make you feel comfortable of having a clean and safe bathroom.

Professional Tile Regrouting Service from AB Bath Reglazing

If your space has cracked tiles or bare sports on tile floors, backsplash, or crumbling and filthy grout, then you need to do something. The tile regrouting service that we offer at AB Bath Reglazing is perfect for your home. Our highly qualified and fully dedicated team will help you take care of all your tile regrouting needs. Let our professional grout technicians help you today.

Give your tiles and grout a new life

If you desire to have tile floors that look as good as the first time they were installed, we can help you out. Our team of tile regrouting NJ specialists will help you transform your dirty and dingy looking tiles to their former shiny and gleaming glory. We have the experience, technique, and modern technology to give your floors a brand-new look.

When is our tile regrouting service necessary?

In most cases, grout issues can be resolved by cleaning and resealing. However, tile regrouting NJ services are a must in the following cases:

  • Persistent mildew problem that keeps recurring
  • If your floor tiles are off or are about to come off
  • Where grout is missing in between the tiles
  • When grout is flaking or cracking around wet areas such as showers, baths, sinks, etc.
  • Where cleaning is unable to restore the original condition of the grout

If you are experiencing any of these situations in your home, you should consult AB Bath Reglazing for professional tile regrouting services. When moisture flows or seeps through damaged grout, it can be unhealthy and cause expensive and irreparable damage to your home.

Free estimates are provided for work that would be more involved than a service call.

Cracked bathtub, broken tiles,
moldy caulking, oxidized bathtub, old grout, peeling bathtub, etc